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Marketing in the Modern Age

Marketing is an important function of business, no matter the nature of the business. When you have a product or service to sell, how you go bout that selling process of informing and appealing to the potential customers is an important process. That process is important as it not only establishes present customers, it has the ripple effect of influencing future customers.

There are however certain industries where online marketing is still not as commonly used as it should be. There have been long-standing methods used, where the manufacturers and distributors have kept close relationships with their customers enough not to need other means of marketing. But times change. Technology has made for a more effective marketing approach, and led to a wider reach in most industries. You can see it now in the door and hardware selling market.

The type of online marketing you do for your business determines to a great extent how it will perform, even for the door and hardware market. You need to have a website, one that works effectively for your business. That website needs to possess certain qualities for it to be an effective marketing tool.

The first thing someone sees when they visit your website should be your contact information. The company phone number, for example, should pop out the moment the page loads. Since you are dealing with hardware tools, materials and equipment, ensure the button for requesting a quote is also prominently displayed.

You then need to keep the website well organized. The fact that you are dealing with commodities, you need to have them all grouped into type. You need to let anyone browsing the website to have an easy time finding what they needed, be it wood doors, electronics, and such items due to their categorization. Any other organizing method would only be confusing and stressful, and no customer stands for that.

You have also to check and be certain your links are working for your business. A common practice is to link your site to the manufacturers’. The issues comes where it may manage to lead the customer to the manufacturer’s site, where they find proof of your claims of selling genuine products. But if the manufacturer does not direct them to your site specifically when they are ready to make the purchase, it will be a loss for you, as the customer can now buy from any other distributor who stocks similar products.

There is also a need for a clutter-free site. While you need your site to put forth your business in the best light, you run the risk of including some unnecessary elements. You can rely on certain tools to help you point out all elements that are never used by the customers as they browse the site. Removing those and leaving the essential bits makes for an easier to use site that delivers on their expectations.
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